Lighting Monitoring

With our Street Light Management Software and Control Devices we are able to control and monitor virtually any streetlight fixture. Leveraging innovative concentrator/ controller technology, power line and Wi-Fi communication technologies gives access and real-time control to any type of street lighting fixtures irrespective of vendor and light source used. Handles massive amount of data and provides alarms, failure analyses reports, energy reports, maintenance reports, scheduling and real-time control on live geographical maps.

  • Up to 50% energy savings on your Streetlight network
  • Reduced maintenance efforts, enhanced efficiency
  • Increased control and visibility
  • An intelligent energy and communication network in all streets of your city


How the MSLM solution works

  • Light Controllers (LC): A light controller is intalled in each lioght point
  • Segment Controllers (SC): The segment controller is installed inside the streetlight cabinet or feeder pillar.
  • MSLM web server: This could be on the MSLM cloud or on your own server or local service provider
  • End-user web front-end
  • iPad inventory vision, MSLM Windows tablet and other 3rd party applications.