Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring & control systems are used almost everywhere –smart buildings, smart meters, and smart grids. Many of these systems reduce energy, are used as a primary attribute, while many others use smart control to enable their core functionality – like fire detection and suppression, access control systems, asset and inventory control etc.
All our Monitoring and Targeting / Energy Management System) suites are highly sophisticated and comprehensive fully web based. The functionality is presented in an array of modules which may be selected individually to tailor the solution to meet customers' specific requirements.
Each solution is extremely user friendly, providing a range of powerful analysis techniques, accessible through an intuitive interface suitable for users of any experience. 100% web based; the database is run and accessed from a single server location via the Internet Explorer application on your PC. It may either be installed to customer's site or may be hosted in a remote data center.
Through the Dashboard module, users may run several easily interchangeable screens side by side, with each screen automatically updating every minute. This gives an accurate view of vital information without having to flick between screens. The Dashboard is an easy and convenient way of highlighting areas of performance which are most important to the energy manager.

The Analysis module enables data to be presented in a wide range of graphs, tables, reports and exports. In addition, reports may be run on an ad hoc basis, saved as templates for later use or scheduled for automatic production and distribution by email. Energy Analysis enables users to easily configure reports using a number of powerful techniques, targeted at different areas of energy management. The interface is extremely intuitive, ensuring that users are able to access and configure their data reports in the most informative way possible.
The suite allows the user to specify up to five meter points to monitor on the desktop as either a gauge or a value. It also has the option to pick the most recent data value or totals for present day, the previous day, or the last seven days. The gauge gives an immediate visual representation on performance in comparison to the previous four readings of the same period.
The Alarms bar will turn red should there be any new, unacknowledged alarms that meet the selected severity setting.