Voltage Optimization Solutions

In recent decades the demand for electricity has been constantly growing. In order to ensure the supply of the required voltage level to all users on the same infrastructure, and given the fact that voltage constantly fluctuates within the range of ± 10% due to changes in demand on the network, many facilities receive a higher voltage than they actually require.
As a result, the electrical grid is inherently inefficient, and more importantly the overvoltage supplied to facilities causes over billing, wasted energy, equipment failure and shortening of equipment lifespan. Since all electric equipment is designed to work within the legal range of 230V ± 10% (mostly 220V), by operating this equipment on a higher voltage results in wasted energy. By simply reducing and stabilizing the voltage to the optimal level you not only reduce losses and save energy, but also extend your equipment lifetime.
We have focused our efforts on energy efficient systems that can be installed on existing infrastructure, instantly reducing energy consumption on a daily basis.