Smart Grid Technologies

The term "Smart Grid" entails a new "intelligent" electricity network (consisting of generation units, transmission and distribution grid), which is equipped with energy automation components that are integrated in a two-way communications system via advanced Information Technology and a computerized control center.
The goal of the Smart Grid is to enable the decentralization of power generation, while improving the network safety, reliability, efficiency and flexibility. Thus, the investment in Smart Grid consists of control center software, "smart" network equipment, advanced sensors, and "smart" house appliances.
In order to achieve the full potential of Smart Grid, a digital backbone communications infrastructure must be in place to allow data exchange in real time between those components.
We provide Smart Grid wireless or/and embedded BPL technology that offers high speed data on the power line network and conveys information with very low latency for real-time measurements & applications
Smart Grid Optimization Solution enables grid operators to gain visibility at the edge, improve service reliability and increase grid efficiency. We use our advanced tools to collect health statistics from the low voltage grid, allowing cities to better anticipate problems and make fast, localized control decisions at the edge.
Surging demands, unpredictable generation from renewable sources, volatile energy costs, and the emergence of electric vehicles are all real factors threatening to cause grid instability. To continue to deliver high-quality and reliable service, utilities need to anticipate and diagnose potential problems at the edge faster, and to make localized control decisions within seconds.
Our technology solutions offer the unique possibility to exploit synergies between the electricity and telecommunications networks for cost effective Smart Grid applications.
Utilities worldwide are being driven by a combination of Government Legislation and the need to reduce operating costs and improve management and control over their power network. Smart grid technologies offer a wide variety of applications such as meter reading, electrical data measurement and remote control of the power system.
Nevertheless Power Network Management & Control systems represent a significant investment for Utilities and BPL technology offers a cost effective solution to extend the control and monitoring facilities throughout the Medium Voltage (MV) electrical distribution network.
In addition Telecoms operators are able to serve broadband customers particularly in remote and sparsely populated areas using the power network installed.
Networking products that fully comply with IEEE 1901 will deliver data rates in excess of 500 Mbps in LAN applications.
In first-mile/last-mile applications, IEEE 1901-compliant devices achieve ranges of up to 1500 meters.
The technology specified by IEEE 1901 uses sophisticated modulation techniques to transmit data over standard AC power lines of any voltage at transmission frequencies of less than 100 MHz.
Fault Identification: Our Units include an embedded spectrum analyzer that monitors the MV network 24 hours a day and is capable of recognizing noise patterns emitted by faulty equipment on the network. Through these high frequency patterns we offer fault recognition and location detection services. A faulty spot can be immediately located with a few meters accuracy.
Outage Management: We provide Real time measurement across the whole topology of the network. We offer a comprehensive view of the network current status. When abnormal readings are obtained, network operators can instantly use the data provided to identify the faulty sector.