City Energy Plan for Lighting (CEPL)

The City Energy Plan for Lighting is an integrated bundle of High End Energy Saving & Audit Services that provides a comprehensive lighting study of the City.
It is a practical guide for the municipality in all decisions relating to public lighting. It is based on a general concept, which is transformed into tangible lighting proposals for every neighborhood in the municipality, taking into account three main aspects

  • Light quality / ambience (light pollution),
  • Safety and most importantly
  • energy saving

Phase 1: Study of the current situation (lighting fixtures & lighting levels)
The first phase is the collection of the information and data of the current lighting infrastructure and operating situation. Our teams walk all roads and based on our patented iPad application study the topography and the rhythm of the town, gathering detailed information on to layers on a GIS system. The information gathering includes for each type of road (type of road combined with lighting source) all existing lighting fixtures, their positions, operating condition and lighting levels. Special issues like destroyed products, problematic areas, dark or over lighted areas are also included in the study. All data are integrated in a digital format into an advanced GIS system.

Phase 2: Setting the objectives
In the second phase, the general conditions are formulated in terms of safety, light pollution, energy consumption, investment costs and the maintenance price tag. The Municipality authority together with our Team set the desired standards of the lighting levels of the City and relevant priorities. The new lighting concepts are agreed.

Phase 3: Working out the concept and writing the plan
The lighting designers team study the city lighting from scratch, taking into consideration all important aspects that are related to the security and financial issues (i.e. we try not to replace existing infrastructure). on a white paper Implementation Design of the selected solutions. For each road type or place a coherent scenario is drafted and all these aspects are combined. It includes general guidelines for the implementation of the changes and alternative solutions for each road. Product specifications will also be delivered (to be included in a bid etc). A service plan is also drafted for support and maintenance management (maintenance, replacement of lamps, remote controls, etc), including the projected investment costs for the coming years.
Last but not least, the chosen solutions are included on a long or short term implementation plan

We use an internally designed and created Innovative System to capture your urban lighting infrastructure (Lighting fixtures, poles) easily and fast using iPads. Infrastructure Manager uses a detailed GIS system and consists of two main components:
- 2 applications modules.
        iPAD Native Application.
        Backend Silverlight Web Application.
- Database Server / Map Server
The application uses the INTERNET + GPS technologies in order to have access to GIS maps. Minimum requirements is an Apple iPAD-3G 16GB that runs the first application module. The application runs on line or off line.